Adam Skuba, born and raised in Hazelton, Pennsylvania, began honing his skills in becoming the ultimate deejay when he started taking recording lessons at the ripe old age of 6; a recommendation from his own grandfather who spent much of his career playing and recording music in Hazelton and the Poconos with his band at the end of World War II.

Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Adam also started learning to play the accordion (taught by one of Adam’s grandfathers’ former students) and continued learning his craft over the following decade.

Early on, Adam knew he wanted to combine his musical background and love of entertaining into a career AND at the Doogie-Hoswer-ish age of 14, Adam started Skuba Entertainment.


Skuba Entertainment feels strongly against music wrapped with any unbecoming tactics to entice guests to the dance floor and GUARANTEES entertainment without the use of tacky props, costumes, cliché love songs, choreographed group numbers from the 90’s, or any overplayed mood killers (you can get that from a whole lotta other deejays in the area if you’re lookin..)


Whether your guests fancy today hottest songs, 80’s hair bands, or the traditional dances of eras gone by, it is Skuba Entertainment’s vision that everyone will leave the reception with comments like “Damn, that was fun and dang entertaining too!” And that is why Skuba does what it does- to engage guests in your celebration with exceptional music and non-stop fun.

Adam understands people and music and has developed an innate ability, almost a sixth sense to read a crowd where he draws people of all ages with different musical preferences together. on the dance floor. without awkward gimmicks.