How To Handle the Unpleasant Drunk Wedding Guest

It’s inevitable. We all have that crazy uncle or college friend that looks at your wedding day as an opportunity to enjoy themselves with a few cocktails. When I say a few, I mean a few too many. It happens. There are some great ways you can either avoid it all together or take measures from it becoming a problem. I have shared a few below from my experience at hundreds of weddings.

  • Don’t invite them. I know this seems harsh, but if you know that someone is a liability avoid it all together. Don’t invite someone that will stress you out and may ruin your day because they can’t control themselves. 
  • Have a buddy system for them. Suck one of your other friends or relatives into being on “guard” duty or as I like to call it, “babysitting duty”. Sit them at the same table as the “babysitter” and ask them to help you out with monitoring their alcohol intake. It’s your day, lean on others for help.
  • Limit the open bar time. Free booze makes it easier for people to get drunk. If they have to pay for drinks they may not be so quick to get drunk. This is a long shot, but I’ve seen it work for others. 
  • Let the bartender do their job. This is a no brainer. Let the bartenders know up front about your expectations. Bartenders are trained at this and can normally handle the situation.
  • Rely on the staff of your venue. If someone is getting out of line or is out of control due to intoxication allow the venue staff to assist with the situation. They too are well equipped to handle unruly guests. 
  • Switch up the music. If they are wilding out on the dance floor ask the DJ to switch things up. Take the music down to a different calmer level. Maybe even do a dance circle just for the bridal party to clear the dance floor, which would clear them out as well. 
  • Security! Yes, security. We see this more and more with larger weddings. If you think that having one or two security staff members on hand is required do it! 

Your wedding day is going to be fun and enjoyable for your friends and family. You want everyone to have a good time and partake in spirits. Be prepared before the wedding day for any uncomfortable situations that may come up.